Good LiDAR, Made By YiYun!

Light in weight; Easy to operate
2000k dot frequency; 600 lines per second scan
High precision; Good quality
Efficient and time-saving
Know what series of products we have?
  • LiDARFT1500

    The first generation of self-developed light and small airborne laser radar system with long range and high precision can be carried on a variety of loads.

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  • Laser ScannerFT1500H

    Light and small domestic laser scanner to meet the development needs of a variety of applications.

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    FT1500HLaser Scanner
  • Laser ScannerFT800

    Compact and light design, excellent detection capability, adaptability and stability.

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    FT800Laser Scanner
  • LiDARMT1500

    A new generation of Lidar system, adapt to the function of MTA, stronger detection ability.

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Our products can be used in surveying and mapping, power line survey, water and soil resources survey, urban three-dimensional modeling, agricultural and forestry resources survey, rail transit detection and other fields.

What industries are our products used in?
Topographic surveyForestry investigationPower line inspectionShoreline survey

Independent innovation, break foreign technology monopoly; Overcome difficulties, master laser core technology.

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